One Week

What Jesse said:

You need to watch One Week. I really enjoyed this Canadian flick. It’s loaded with amazing cinematography and a decent soundtrack. I think I really connected with what the main character went through as he tried to make sense of life after getting a shocking diagnosis. There’s plenty of conflicting opinion on this one but I really enjoyed. As road movies go, this one is a real gem.

Mike’s verdict:

I enjoyed this one, but I’m not sure it was really for the right reasons. There’s quite a bit to like in this movie, but the main components – story, writing, acting – are fairly unremarkable. They’re not bad exactly, but not particularly engaging either. The story itself has been done – many, many times – and I don’t think this version brought anything new. Joshua Jackson is believable enough as the terrified hero, but Liane Balaban‘s performance is rather flat.

Even so, I had a good time watching One Week. For one thing, Jesse is definitely right about the cinematography; there is some great footage of Canada. And I actually thought the soundtrack was better than just decent. (Stars!) The cameos by Gord Downie and Joel Plaskett were fun too.

But my main reason for enjoying this film was the novelty of seeing familiar places. Canada is so rarely depicted as Canada in movies and television. It was neat to see Ontario road signs and all the silly things that Canadian towns use to put themselves on the map – like the totally random giant red paperclip in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

If anything, the best part about the story is that it doesn’t get in the way of backdrop that has so many interesting things to see. A nice light early evening flick.




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