Midnight in Paris

What Jesse said:

Hey, [the wife] made me watch Midnight in Paris and it turns out that it’s actually pretty good – for a chickflick.

Mike’s verdict:

I’m not a fan of Owen Wilson. If he or Ben Stiller are involved (and annoyingly they are often together) then chances are pretty good that I won’t like the movie. But I am willing to accept that once in a while people can surprise you, so I often agree to watch their movies anyway. And just as Stiller surprised me with Greenberg, so too does Wilson.

I really liked the fantastical nature of this one. Being able to see personalities come to life from artists that usually just seem like bylines was a lot of fun. I’d love to know how close the fictional versions were to the real people. And the acting was all great – even Wilson was pretty good, though Marion Cotillard definitely upstaged him.

The only thing I didn’t like was Rachel McAdams‘ character. I think McAdams did a fine job of acting, but the part she was given seemed unrealistic. Too often writers make their characters (especially female ones) overly irrational just to progress the story. It would have been better if the two leads had a more natural falling out to get things moving.




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