Dragon Day

What Jesse said:

I saw a trailer for a movie with a great premise, but I know that it’s going to be awful – so you should watch it for me.

Mike’s verdict:

Dragon Day is not awful. It’s low budget for sure, but not awful.

To start, I really liked the cyber-attack apocalypse premise. The technical explanation of how the attack was supposed to have been carried out was a little nonsensical (nanocore duplex microwave transmitters??) but plenty of big budget movies have nonsensical technology – I’m looking at you, Pacific Rim.

In fact, this movie isn’t even supposed to be about the technology anyway. It’s about what happens to our society when the things that we have come to rely on are very suddenly taken away. The fact that 50 years ago we could live without all our technology doesn’t matter – we probably can’t live without it now, and definitely not if it was taken away without warning. Dragon Day does a good job of creating a believable atmosphere in the wake of a complete technology shutdown.

Likewise, the movie isn’t about the attackers either. Aside from some fairly brief exposition to bring things into (very important) context, little time is spent dealing with the ‘real’ bad guys.

Admittedly, the acting is below average. This has a lot to do with fairly bland writing though and I think for the most part it’s still passable given the budget. The same goes for the cinematography. Someone apparently wanted to play around with some depth of field tricks, but they were more annoying than anything else.

A few other reviews I’ve read have criticized Dragon Day as xenophobic American propaganda. I can see how this might come across in the trailer – I was initially concerned about it as well. However, those reviewers either didn’t watch the whole movie, or they missed a very crucial part of it.

Overall, I give Dragon Day a 6/10 because the story is there even if the budget isn’t.



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